From a nation of pearl divers and spice merchants to one of the worlds' largest oil exporters, Kuwait has undergone many exciting transformations. Kuwaiti society is cosmopolitan and modern and yet it remains true to its heritage and traditions.

As a highly urbanized state, Kuwait offers many attractions and services to tourists and visitors. It offers a world class experience in hospitality with its small yet solid hotel Industry.

Kuwait City has numerous attractions which include excellent museums, a corniche ornamented with combed beaches and extravagant restaurants, modern shopping complexes and marinas, long and lazy retreats, and new beach resorts.

Kuwait Tourism Services Company and Touristic Enterprises Company are two major agencies working in the field of tourism. They offer exclusive information to tourists, ranging from Rules and Regulations of Kuwaiti law to General Information such as where the best shopping centres, ancient souks and restaurants are.

You will find that Kuwaitis are warm, hospitable, friendly and helpful, which makes your visit to the country a very enriching and memorable experience.


Kuwait has the climate of a typical desert, where it is hot and dry with little rain during the months of February and March. In the months between June and September the temperatures climb up to 50 ° C and it is high in humidity, sometimes reaching up to 90%.


A tourist visa is required to enter Kuwait, which can be obtained from the hotels in Kuwait. The visitor’s passport must be valid at least another six months before its expiration date. For more information please visit Visas and Permits.


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